Solved: Multi Column Filtering/vLookup

I am trying to get data from a table, based on the values of two columns in another table. I am unable to get filter, vlookup etc. to work.

What am i missing?

For context -

I have a table A (Assembly Strength) with columns ‘Date’, ‘Assembly’ and ‘Vote Strength’

I have a table B (Judgements) with columns that include ‘Date’ and ‘Assembly’

I would like to pull in Vote Strength from Table A into Table B

Thanks guys

Hi @Martyn_Thomas,

If I correctly got your point, the formula in the Grater Majority column should be:
[Synod Assembly Strength].Filter(Assembly=thisRow.Assembly && Date=thisRow.Date).[Final Greater Majority] .

Further, if you want the column to keep the numeric value, it can simply be a number (not a lookup) column.

Let me know if it helps.


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Amazing - That’s perfect, thanks for your help

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Happy it worked :+1:

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