Sort sequence problem

Hi All, long time no talk…!

I have a strange sorting problem, which baffles me. I am sorting on the first column:
Surely this cannot be right? If it is, how do I get the sort to work like humans expect?

The dash after " " I get, not the missorted “000”

The filtered view:

Thank you very much
Rambling Pete

The plot thickens:

And even more. This is the drop down for the filter, sorted as expected…

And even more confusing, the filtered view of the table is correct, but the original table still is out of sync…

But items selected from the picklists for the filter, does not appear in the doc….

I give up, see you Monday…

Hey @Piet_Strydom have you tried using the Sequence Formula? You could set up the perimeters of that in the UPM and set that up as the filter for that table.

Thanks Dan, I’ll have a look at that.


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