Sort text into alphabetic order


I have a lot of tables collapsed on one page. The table titles are hidden and I have used text as titles if that makes sense. Can I put them in alphabetical order?
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Any help appreciated.


Hi @Charlotte_Fisher :slight_smile:

As now, there is no way to order elements like tables and paragraphs on pages, off course you could order them if they were elements inside a table (with the sort function)

If there are many of them, and you need to find them “fast”, you could make a table that have 2 columns

Column 1 - column 2


Tablename - Buttonto

The first one contains the table name (manually copied and pasted), the other one contains a button that open the hyperlink to that row (you can get the link in the 3 dot menu on the left on the table)

In this way when someone press that button is taken to that row on the page!

And the Tablename column can be sorted to have them in alphabetical order :slight_smile:

P.s. actually i would add a third column that contains the link wrote in clear so you could just past it there and the button will open that one :slight_smile:

Did i solve anything? :slight_smile:

Or you put a canvas row in this suggested table and store your table in the canvas row.

the solution provided by @joost_mineur is definitely way more elegant and less error-prone (more future-proof?) ahahahaha :sweat_smile:
i wouldnt store an original table in a canvas column but still i would prefer his approach to mine :sweat_smile:

Hello @Mario ,

I 100% agree with you about never wanting to store tables in canvas columns, not until canvas columns have the same locking protection schemes as normal pages.

I have pages with a lot of lookup tables and I sort them myself into something logical or I use the page outline option to find my tables. Collapsing tables can help as well.

My answer was only to illustrate Coda’s flexibility in doing things.

Greetings, Joost

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