Spare lessons to learn from each other screen share

Dear Community,

Is there anybody who can help to get through some really basic questions. The software is really intuitive but sometimes I get stuck. Spent already 20 hours to learn but I reached my limitations alone. I would love to do some screen sharing co-play. I am happy to honour it as well.


Dear @Balazs_Komar

Looks like I am in a similar situation and I am not sure if I will be able to help you out
At least it seems like you are located in one of the EU time zones :world_map:(Important fact to be able to work together) so let’s give it a shot. :rocket:

When ready, feel free to share a doc and write your questions and we can eventually set up a teamviewer session if we manage to sync :grinning:

I can also really recommend you to join the webinars :bulb: if the times are workable for you at:

I am located at GMT +2, Sofia, Bulgaria

Jean Pierre