Special Character replacing for search controls

Hello everybody!

So now, with the new text / search control feature, it’s really important for portuguese and spanish languages to be able to use text with or without accentuation. For example, if we want to search in a database the word “ação”, sometimes we write “acao” to faster type it. I want to replace all the special character, but I can’t find a simple way instead of using RegexReplace() repeatedly and it’s not elegant at all.

My idea was to split all the text char, replace them and join them together again, but I can’t find a way to pass through every special char and it’s correspondent replacement.

Any ideas?

Hi @Guilherme_Salles ,
Unfortunately there is no a super-straightforward way to achieve it, but have a look at this:

It allows to get the job done with just some basic configuration.
As suggested in the example, I wouldn’t go with an auto-normalisation because the computation might become heavy if text contents are big (and many).
Rather, better go with a one-off action with the button.

Anyway, feel free to ask if anything is not clear.



Thanks a lot! I did a different solution, but mine is not returning results if I mix the word like “acão” instead of “ação” or “acao”. I will try to integrate your logitic on my scenario.

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