Statistical control charts

I want to create statistical control charts (X and MR specifically). I know I can do this in R. Is there an R plugin for Coda or perhaps a different way to do this?

Hey there, I’m not quite sure what you are describing. Any chance you could share a little bit more about how they work? We also have these resources for you to take a look at:

  1. The Help center for help articles
  2. The Learn tab for videos and practice docs
  3. The Gallery tab for inspiration and templates
  4. Our community for doc/formula help & other discussions
  5. The Formulas page for a breakdown of every supported formula in Coda
  6. This Getting Started in Coda Webinar for an intro to Coda
  7. The Learn Doc - a self-paced learning experience to get the hang of Coda
  8. Coda Doctorate - The Coda Doctorate program supports makers in growing their skills in community and through direct application of skills. Built on a cohort model, participants connect and support each other during and after the program.

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