Status of HIPAA compliance?

I found this tantalizing link: Secureframe | Coda Case Study

I am hopeful that my dreams of HIPAA compliance for Coda will soon come true! Any report on status?


Hey @T_Falbo! No ETA to share, sorry! I have passed along your interest in this though.

PLZZZZ, it can be so frustrating in health tech when you cant use some of the best tools because they won’t execute a BAA so you’re stuck always being 5 years behind.


Also being SOC 2 gets you 80% there anyway

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Agree here 100% @David_Self1

Had to create so many workaround using google apps script and google sheets with whom we had a BAA

But getting those workflows up with google tools took far longer than replicating those workflows in Coda.

HIPPA compliance for Coda would be phenomenal.


indeed, i’ve done the same. even if there was a world where you could self-host coda in your own VPC.

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