Evaluating CODA for a Professional Services Project Management Application

Hello all, I am evaluating CODA to use in our Healthcare services company where we provide professional services to many healthcare systems and their hospitals and clinics.

I see many examples of Project Plans where only one project is tracked along with it’s milestones and task. Are there any examples of people using CODA for multiple complex projects with extensive milestones task and predecessors and resource allocations?

I would like to track Projects in a Hierarchy: Healthcare System Name - Site Name- Project Name. I would also like to “templatize” milestones and task as they are often repeated from project to projects. Is what I’m asking for possible? Or should I look at other PM options?

Hi Ron,

Coda definitely deserves to be on your list of tools to evaluate.

I know that @Chris_Williams and his team have done some really impressive project management work, including templates. Hopefully he has some time to talk to you.

For me the biggest advantage from Coda is the ability to have everything in a single document. I am in software support and all my action items is cross referenced, where applicable, to the Functional Design Document, the Technical Specification. So Word/Spreadsheet documents are no longer emailed, and sitting in inboxes, but are in a single location where everybody can access the latest version.

Most of the topics (hierarchy, project templates) that you mention is relatively easy to do in Coda, and there are different approaches. The resource utilization may take some effort, depending on the granularity of your requirement.


One thing though - Coda is not (yet?) hipaa compliant.

Thank you so much for the response. Coda has me extremely intrigued, and fortunately HIPAA isn’t a requirement for my application. @Chris_Williams, any light you can shed would be greatly appreciated.

Piet, I too am an Atlanta based guy! We might need a CODA beer summit.

Sounds like a plan - I have seen a number of Atlanta residents over time.

Where abouts are you?

I live in Hilton Head SC, but I’m in ATL almost weekly. I normally stay in Rowell or Buckhead.

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