Stock pack- pulling dividend amount using a formula

I’ve recently discovered the stock pack and love it!

I have a table that i’m using to pull in the last dividend amount from a table of stocks. When i hover over the dividend object, I can see there are more details-

Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 10.39.15 PM

i want to be able to pull those specific data points individually. specifically: can i pull the “amount” listed here into a separate column? i’ve tried creating a currency column and pulling it in the way you can other objects, but it doesn’t seem to behave the same way

the use case is that i’d like to be able to build subsequent column formulas off of that dividend amount (my current shares x last dividend amount for instance). i’m guessing i’m under thinking this somewhere but any insight would be appreciated!

Hi @Alex_Parks I would like to do this as well so if you have figured out a way that would be awesome!