Stocks Pack - Splitting the Historic Stock Prices to Rows

So I wanted to do some chart stuff with the Stocks Pack. So I am using this function:


This then goes and grabs a year of stockprices in a comma delimited list. I found a topic on here that explained how to use formula map to then split this comma delimited list into rows in a different table. That was helpful, but the problem I have is that ‘currentvalue’ only grabs one thing. So each item in the list has the stock price & the date in which it was at that stock price. So I’m not sure how I go about grabbing both these things and creating a row with both of them in?

I’m doing this in order to grab the close price from it, then add the row for that. But how do I then modify that row and add the .Prices past month.Date?

FormulaMap(thisRow.[Prices past month].ClosePrice,AddRow([Stock Prices],[Stock Prices].[Stock Price],CurrentValue) )