Stuck in the lounge category :)

Hi mate, since yesterday, I’m kind of stuck in the “lounge section”.

Even if I refresh my page or send again the coda community launch page, I get there.
Also, the forum looks more like mobile app now. I had a look into my display preferences, but dont find anything weird.

The sofa and cocktail are great in the lounge, but anyway if you can save me :slight_smile:

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I am right here with you! I have cleared cache, launched in different browsers, done a little dance etc. Also, where are these cocktails you speak of? They must not be in my lounge!

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We had an issue with our custom theme and we think we fixed this part of the issue. There are likely more, smaller, bugs that still exist that we’re keeping an eye out for and hoping to squash them too.

Thank you for posting and we’re very sorry for the issue.


Hey @BenLee !

Thanks for answering. issuer corrected yesterday indeed. No problem anyway :wink:

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