Subscription Payments


Currently, we have a table with contacts down the first column, and then details in the columns to the right… But after all the details, i have a month by month subscription payment where we have to note how much was paid and turn the box green to show it’s complete…

I want to know what we can do with this, so that we don’t have such a long table, but still keep all of the information recorded… I was looking at your progress bars and i could see us using something simple like this in line where it does 12 months and the information is stored somewhere else, however this would mean it would need to reset each year etc.


Hi and welcome to Coda!

It looks like you need to separate out the payments into another table: contact details in one table, payments in another. Each month should be stored as a separate row in the table, not column, with a date field and the payment details. Then you can report on the payment table with a lookup to the contact table and group by the date along the top to get the result you want.

Similar to this…

There’s a table of hours worked by a particular engineer (column hidden) on a particular project in a particular week by week-ending date…

…and this is then reported horizontally like this:

This way all the variable data in your model is stored in rows, not “hard-coded” in the schema (columns) which means you never need to alter the structure of your application as time goes by.


Hey Nick,

Really good response so thank you for that, one question I have is that we need to link these payments to specific people AND keep a history AND see it all in the other table, either with a visual like progress bar or the last 2 payments etc… I can’t quite tell from your screenshots HOW to go about this…