Subtracting Expense table from Income table


I’m totally new to Coda and would really appreciate some help.

I have created a document with three tables - Expense, Income and Summary. I would like to subtract expense from income and have the results in the summary table. In other words - I’m trying to build an Income & Expense tracker. If there is already a free template that can help me, please let me know.

Here is my shared document:

Thank you again!

Hey @Ado ,

Super excited to hear you want to get started with Coda for tracking expenses! To find docs/templates built by other Coda Makers, I highly recommend checking out The Gallery tab for inspiration and templates. Here are some other great resources that’ll help get that ball rolling for you.

  1. The Help center for help articles
  2. Coda Courses for video courses to build along with our experts
  3. Coda Guides for a library of guides to level up your Coda docs and skills

Hope that helps you as you’re getting started!

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