Suddenly, cross-docs can't sync the attachments anymore

I’m using cross-doc to sync form submissions from a master doc to children docs, in the last 2 days, the children docs can’t load the files uploaded to master doc anymore.



I have the same problem here.
Please, I need it to be fixed fast

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I contacted support and I got this response bellow:

“Our engineering team is aware of this issue and is currently working on a solution. We will go ahead and log your report of this bug with our engineering team for further review.”

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Yeah, this is critical to our operations as well

Hey, @Anthony_Thong_Do
The issue is still not fixed. :disappointed:
There’s a hack to show cross-doc images. I believe it works with attachments too.
You can cross-doc the url of the file from the source with this formula bellow

_Deref_Object(_Merge(thisRow.File), "publicUrl")

It uses a experimental formula. Use it at your own risk

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Thanks a lot @Breno_Nunes , this is brilliant. It requires people to download the pdf and doesn’t allow multiple files, but at least doesn’t break our workflow atm.

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Same issue here, hope they fix it soon as it makes some of our docs that we use daily unusable :slightly_frowning_face:

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You can reference each file using Nth() function. All you have to do is add a column for each file and use the formula bellow.

Ex: referencing the 2° file

_Deref_Object(_Merge(thisRow.File.Nth(2)), “publicUrl”)

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Oh nice, thanks, @Breno_Nunes , you save my day!

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