Suggestion: Add Star and Remove Star from a message or thread

I began creating a Todo list based in part on Des’s Prioritized Productivity Guide (

Part of that flow is that you Star mail in Gmail while zeroing your inbox. This starred mail gets pulled into Coda via the Gmail pack. So far so good.

However, once that email is pulled in, you can’t do much with it. Only “send email” or “create draft”. For this particular workflow it would be AMAZING to remove the star from the gmail message/thread from within Coda. That way when I click the “Done” button (or swipe right on mobile), it would mark the Todo task in Coda as Complete, but also remove the star in gmail, thus getting rid of that Todo from my Gmail Pack Table on the next sync. This type of automation really closes the loop and makes Coda unbelievably useful.

In general, supporting more of the Gmail API would be fantastic.


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