SUMIF translate from G Sheets


Haven’t been able to convert the next formula
(the original formula is has ArrayFormula and Ifs statements to make it work for every new row, but it’s not important for the found problem)

Here’s the working example:

What I want to do:

  • If column A (#) is unique, do H-L
  • If column A (#) is repeated, do H-sum(L)

This is part of a bank statement balance where 1 transaction could be for 1 or many expenses. If not enough expenses are entered or extra expenses are entered, then there’s a remaining balance.

Just pasted the same table and I’m working on it. Feel free to point new ways of doing it.

Thanks in advance.

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I have gone this far after several error attemps:
if(count(thisRow.[#])=1,thisRow.[MONTO ORIGINAL]- thisRow.MONTO,thisRow.[MONTO ORIGINAL]- sum(thisRow.MONTO))


I don’t fully understand your question, but perhaps have a sense of what you’re trying to accomplish.

Study the formulas in this doc, and see if they give you any ideas that you might be able to use, specifically the formulas in the blue columns.

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Thanks @Ander
The final formula that I’m using now is
thisRow.[MONTO ORIGINAL]-Filter(thisTable,[#]=thisRow.[#]).MONTO.Sum()

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