Summary in a Detailed View

I have this detailed view of a Member who has participated in shows and classes within those shows. I need to be able to get a sum of the total points by class. How do I do this in a detailed view? I think I have the groupings correct but the option to create a summary row doesn’t exist with a table nested in a detail view.

Hi Chris! It looks like you have some personal information of your members in the doc you are sharing. I would recommend creating a copy of your doc for this example and using dummy details for the members.


All details have been removed. Thank you for the lookout.

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Hi @Chris_Thomas1 ,

Are you looking to have the total points allocated per row? That’s a little bit more challenging but you should be able to use the SwitchIF() formula to build out the total of the classes using thisrow.[name of event or class] as a reference point to start the sum calculation. Let me know if that makes sense. If you still run into challenges, I would recommend that you reach out to support and we can help you work through it more in depth!

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