Support quadrant chart for all prioritization techniques :Eisenhower Matrix

The prioritization matrixes are:

  • Effort / Impact
  • Risk / Value
  • Eisenhower
  • MoSCoW

What inspired me to do this?

Imagine having a big list of todos and you have no idea where to start. Priority boards are basically XY-axis charts that can help you make better decisions.

A Product Manager and as such who responsible for gathering requirements, mitigating risks, and prioritizing the backlog. To put it simply, his role is to decide what the team works on and why. This is easier said than done, so we frequently reference prioritization matrixes–which is really helpful as a guideline, but painful to execute online…

Please consider support quadrant chart for all prioritization techniques :Eisenhower Matrix

Hi Steve,

Here’s a template from the gallery that uses the Eisenhower Matrix:

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Thanks. I know.

Need quadrant chart !!!

I think that we need more flexible layout options. For example, there are many type of canvas today (lean canvas, business canvas, value proposition canvas), and those are tables with fancy layout of the information. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to replicate today in Coda, yet that would be very valuable.



Totally aggree.

But I think alike Coda, Notion , Anytype base on Note app will not support more canvas. Usually embed 3rd service is common solution. or build basic features like basic chart types in Coda.

Do you heard snapboard, miro , vizydrop, observablehq app ?