Simple Priority Matrix app

But I really want matrix chart .


i feel you :sob:
Couldnt you arrange something using scatter chat and negative values? :slight_smile:

There’s no quadrant.

I found Anychart have quadrant-chart .

HighChart(Coda used right now) and ChartJS didn’t have quadrant-chart plugin.

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If you really want it, you can draw one yourself using the SVG trick, like here:

Should be fairly simple, given it’s just small circles on a plane with x/y coordinates linearly derived from some values.


Thank you .

I think another solution, Use Coda api to get table datas, export to Anychart, and then deploy site on Github with ZEIT, final embed in Coda. 6 steps.

Also it works for mindmap or other missing charts in Coda.

So if it allow to develop custom pack , that’s so useful , so simple and keep private inside Coda.

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