Switch from Notion to Coda - How to do rollups of checkboxes

Hi there,

I use Notion for a variety of tracking certain things, especially for some daily things like stretching, exercise, etc. I have four main tables in Notion for this:

Days: Each day is entered, given a date property and then a checkbox for each thing I’d like to track. I click the checkbox if I have done the activity on that day.

Weeks/Months/Years: Each week, month and year is entered, given the right date and duration and mainly used for rolling up information from the “Days” table. In Notion you can easily roll up the ticked or unticked checkboxes and output them as percentages. I want to recreate this in Coda, but I don’t really know how.

If I enter the data in my Days table as numbers, I can easily create the linked relation to weeks, months and years and do a calculation with the number value (I set “1” for done and “0” for not done in the Days table) and roll up the information without issue. But as you could guess I don’t like the look of that. I’d much rather have a ticked or unticked checkbox or slider, to make it a) look nicer and b) feel more like a real tracker.

Is there a way to convert the checkboxes to values which I could use in the other related tables? I’m also open to a different approach, if there’s a more elegant way of doing these things in Coda. I just created my account and started to port some stuff over from how I have things set up in Notion.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi and welcome to Coda!

Here’s an example for having the percentage both in the bottom of the column, as well as external to the table :slight_smile:


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