Syncing event description with Google Calendar pack

Hey all!

We’re pulling our team’s internal events calendar into our Coda wiki.

Even though we have all the columns set to sync (including description and others), only a handful of columns actually sync. Any idea why that is, and how to get the description to sync?

Thanks a ton!

Hi @Jordan_Axani :blush: !

It’s not necessarily that the Description property doesn’t sync. But, it could be somewhat “hidden”.

When an Events table is synced with GCal, only few fields containing some of the properties of the events are directly added to the table. But the data should be there and you should be able to find it.

To do so, before displaying your Upcoming Events table as Cards, you can hover an event sitting in the field Event with your mouse and in the modal, you should be able to find the Description property you’re looking for :blush: .

There should be an Add Column button next to the description which should do what you’re asking :blush:


You can simply add a text field to your Upcoming Events table and formulaically get that event property, using something like :


You can gather any other “hidden” properties (id, status, url, etc…) by using the first method (the Add column button within the modal) and/or the second one (formulaically gathering it)

Hope this helps :innocent: !

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Thank you! That was a silly mistake on my part. I didn’t realize I could add more columns to sync at the table level. Much appreciated!

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No problem @Jordan_Axani :grin: !

I’m very glad to know this helped you moving forward :raised_hands: !

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