TAB key inserts a bare bones table in canvas

Another victory for keyboard shortcuts: hitting the TAB key while you’re editing the open canvas inserts a bare bones table (no Title or Column Headers).




This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing :smiley:

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I just tried doing this on a different computer and it didn’t work. That’s interesting. It’s just tab right? I wonder why it works on one PC and not the other.

Hey @tom can you let me know the details around what you’re typing where it doesn’t work?

This should trigger after you type any text and you type tab at the end of a line. Elsewhere, tab will now ident (also new!)

A couple more new markdown tricks: Type |Column name| to start a new column, or [] to start a checklist. We’ll be posting on these soon :slight_smile:

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I was hitting tab first thing… which now adds an indent instead of the table! After seeing your post I can now get the tables to go back in. It’s funny that I tried to do that right after you guys made a little bit of a change.

I really appreciate the minimal looking tables. Would love to be able to make tables created from the dropdown look that way and hide the top information. I think that would provide a great opportunity for a cleaner look, which is really what I love so much about Coda!

the markdown options are great! nice little efficiency additions - the checkbox table is great. I like it a lot. Would love to see these implemented a little more fully!

Thanks for the clarity @nathan

OK - so I was just watching the little gif up above. I now see that I can turn all of those things off and on. So great job!

Already happy, haha :smiley:

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