Table ID starts with grid-/table-


I have a quick question about the table id. I am using developer mode, so I am available to check the table id directly. I have a lot of tables in my docs and when I try to get the table id - some tables’ id starts with ‘grid-’, some tables’ id starts with ‘table-’. Are there any difference between the table id starting with ‘grid-’ or ‘table-’? Please let me know and thank you in advance community!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @Jiahn, welcome to the Community!

Yes, grid- are base tables, and table- are views of those tables.

Base tables are where the data is stored (i.e. all rows and columns). Whenever you add a new table, you make a new base table.

And views are a way to display the same data but in different places (e.g. same page or other pages), possibly different forms (e.g. a chart, a calendar etc), and possibly only a subset of data (filtered rows, hidden columns etc).

This should overall answer it. There’s more technical and functional differences between tables and views, so please let me know if you need further explanation.


Thank you so much! It helps a lot :laughing:

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