Table of contents from page titles

I know Table of Contents can be made on a single page, but can you make a ToC across multiple pages? If I am writing a book or dissertation, and each page is a chapter, is there a way to have one page capture all of the page titles in order automatically, or do I have to do that manually?

Hey @Michael_Tlusty, welcome to the Community!

There’s no way to do it automatically within Coda; you have to do it manually. There could be a way to automate this through API (get a list of pages, then insert that into a table and have Coda make e.g. a nested bullet list out of that), but I’m not sure if you’d be comfortable scripting that.

Overall, I just don’t think that Coda is the best tool to author a book or a dissertation. You have very limited typesetting features with Coda. It could be good for organizing your thoughts though, and for distraction-free typing with minimal formatting. But to make your book or paper print-ready (with all the formatting, headers/footers, pagination, figures and subtitles, footnotes etc) you’ll want something more traditional like Word, Docs, LaTeX, InDesign or alike.