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Is there any pack in order to visualize the a doc map tables,… with a diagram with the relationships ?


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What a great time to ask this! Im in the process of creating a Pack that will let you do something like this. Go check out the thread and comment with your use-case so I can try to accommodate in the pack!

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I do not know if I understood well your post
I was thinking about something like this :

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Yes - Essentially we should be able to automatically create a doc-visualization map similar to the one you have above utilizing a Mermaid Pack and then Pack Im currently creating.

Can you let me know your use case for a map like this? What benefit would it be providing you?

if you want I will publish today a small doc I am doing with the same pack, I hope I did not work on something you were working on also :frowning:

ps: I will see if I can do something building a new pack

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It would be great if Coda had the capability to produce a data model view such as the one Alex posted. It’s a graphical description often used for relational databases. It allows you to see all your tables, fields, and table relationships, all in one diagram.

Please publish Alex! Excited to see what you have

I was sick so I could not work on the document but I am back again :wink:

I am using the mermaid pack but I have an issue it seems that if the diagram is too large the pack stops working.
I think I found the issue it is like the live editor when the diagram is too large you need to disable the auto sync.
So for the moment my doc is only for very small DB.
I am not use to packs so it will take me some time.

let me know what you think.
I am still working on the doc to link the an actual doc

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