Task Manager with Global Filtering

I built a little task-manager.

Key features:

  1. The “Page Filters” filter all content on both the card view and the grid view.
  2. It THRIVES on labeling. Labels can be sorted and organize intuitively to group tasks.
    2a. Same works for most of the other properties.

Task managers should be quick, simple, and not become too convoluted after your get 10 tasks entered. With this system, you have only to sort and filter by the labels a few time before you begin to realize how easily it helps you prioritize your to-dos.

But organizing to-do’s is actually the second half of the battle…

Pro Tip: Create a shortcut in the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and map the input form straight to control center or the action button. From there you can open the input form straight from your lock screen and throw those tasks in just as fast as you’re hit with them.