The beauty of Coda

It’s almost 1 year since I started using Coda although some of the information are still in Airtable. Recently, I had a task to summarise whole year report. Usually I did the report in Excel but I want to accomplish it in the Coda.

Basically I need to summarise the following

Previously, it was very mundane thing trying to consolidate all the information across disparate sources. But now, boom!

I really do appreciate the little thing in grouping feature such as count and sum and at the same time without the need for me to create separate pivot table and do some calculated field and others.
It might look simple but it is not possible without excellent Packs @Courtney_Milligan1 @Bharat_Batra and tips from @Piet_Strydom @Max_Xyzor @Christiaan_Huizer .

Coda User from Singapore


hi @Hendrik_Zhao

If you want have the sum of a grouped value like the sum of [Managers & Professionals (excluding working proprietors] you can create a filter that goes like the one below

thisTable.Filter([Managers & Professionals (excluding working proprietors].Contains(thisRow.[Managers & Professionals (excluding working proprietors])).[Other Benefits (exclusive of GST)].Sum()

I hope it helps.
Cheers, Christiaan


Thanks for the mention @Hendrik_Zhao! Happy to hear we could help you simplify your tasks!

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