The commas disappear when copy pasting a value with 3 digits after the comma (0.001 -> 1)


I am copy pasting an excel in coda.
In some cells I have these kind of values : 0,001 / 0,028 / 0,033
They all get transformed to 1 / 28 / 33
It just happens if there are 3 digits after the comma.
0,01 and 0,0001 are fine but not 0,001.

Is there any way to prevent this ?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Francois1 this is probably because in the American system commas denote positive values, not decimals (ie 1,000,000.00). So Coda is probably disregarding it, as it would interpret ,001 and 1 as the same.

To fix, replace your comma with period. Its easy to do in Coda, but perhaps your source data is easy to manipulate as well. Let me know if I can be of more help!

Hi @Johg_Ananda ,

Thanks for your quick answer! That’s what I feared :sweat_smile:

The thing is: I can’t do it in Coda since it get replaced as soon as it’s entered (even if I set the column type to Text) and I wish I didn’t have to do it in Excel. It’s an export from our system and the whole point of pasting it into Coda was to easily format the values to then import it into another system. If I have to do a first pass in Excel, it kind of defeat the point.

I guess I’ll file a bug report :slight_smile:

Can you change the column formatting in excel to american?

Yeah I guess if it won’t receive it as a text string and let you manipulate, you’re kind of stuck. Another idea would be to use and create an API / Zapier input to bring the data in, I think this opens up some more possibilities to clean it up and make it work w/o needing intervention from the Codans.

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