The largest item in each of a group of items


@Gregg_Stebben - Thanks for the inspiration.

I have built a table with a filter and a view that shows the largest entry in each sub-group.

It adds two columns, with the following formulas:
tabAllNotes.Filter([Stock Symbols]=thisRow.[Stock Symbols]).[Date & Time].Max()
If(thisRow.[Date & Time]=thisRow.[Latest note date],“Waar” ,“Vals”)

Then simply filter for “Waar” (True)

A more complete explanation and example doc is at the coda Education Community

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This is fantastic…thank you so much for this!!!

Hi, @Piet_Strydom … it took me awhile to really appreciate the brilliance and simplicity of what you did here!

I have put it to work, and as you strongly suggested, I now have just one table!

I do have a question, okay two questions:

  1. Would it be possible to tweak your formula above so that it showed the 3 largest entries, or all the entries in the last day or week?

This as opposed to “Max”…

  1. Can you tell me what “Waar” and “Vals” mean??? :wink:

Many thanks again!


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hi @Gregg_Stebben , I did not read the above posts, but based on your question I guess you might need Slice()

Exercise 6 in:

‘Waar’ = True()
‘Vals’ = False()


HI Greg,

Waar - Afrikaans for True
Vals - Afrikaans for False
I needed to sure whether the False in the column was there because the statement was false, or because the statement itself was broken.

As far as the x number of largest items - I have not yet gotten so far as to try that - I will look into the post Christiaan has made.

For everything of “this week” of “this month” , I would suggest an interactive filter for the table on the date column. It has built in selections for different periods.

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maybe the part on ‘top three value’ in this article helps :

best, groetjes, christiaan

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Hi, Christiaan…I can’t wait to check this out, thank you!