There is a way to connect to external hardware like a weighing machine?

Or connect an iPad running to a Bluetooth weighing machine

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What’s your need for connecting? For most general use cases, Coda’s tables offer APIs that can be used.

Without checking a weighing machine: Coda is agnostic of anything local, other than files and input devices (and it can use your cell-phones camera for storing images). So if you can have you machine act as an input device (like a keyboard) you should be able to make it work.
We used it with a USB bar code reader and with a laser distance meter. There are two parts to this: getting the value and getting an enter (or tab) (to finish the entry). With barcode readers you can program them to finish each next entry with an enter, but we did not get that to work properly with a wireless barcode reader (although it was connected by means of a USB dongle).
I realize this is not a full answer to your question, but perhaps it is a start.

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For us it would be convenient to weigh a product and that input be passed to a form in coda automatically without typing it.

Tanks this helps. I think of something like what you see in a store where they sell fruit and weigh the items.

Eric’s video comes to mind, perhaps that helps?