Time & Money: Financial modeling prototype

Great! Just let me know.

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Hi @Todd_Olson , are you still developing this prototype?

Hi @Hendrik_TnB. It has been dormant for some time, but I am strongly considering developing it further now. What is your interest?

Dear @Todd_Olson, thanks to your prototype, I am able to develop it for calculating IFRS 16 (Accounting standards regarding leases).

My interest is to simulate tactyc.io or grid.is in the coda. There is one great example here

@Hendrik_TnB , I am very happy to hear that you have found my prototype useful. That inspires me to develop it further

Dear @Todd_Olson , suddenly I am thinking whether “add next row” maybe can be automated and it will be based on the schedule and number of periods. I think saw somewhere whereby you can “run actions” and push all buttons at the same time.

@Hendrik_TnB , when I first built the prototype, I don’t believe the current “button pressing” and other automation options existed. When I get time to work on this, automating the building of tables will be one of my first priorities.

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Hi there. I am seeing where this prototype is at? Did Coda update or add any new features that could assist with this? I am an early stage start up and looking at something like this for my forecasting. I am sure there are plenty of others like me out there willing to pay for something like this.

Hi @Chris_Mulhallen. I’ve been working on improvements to the prototype in the background. Some Coda improvements are a help, particularly the improvements in how GANTT charts work. Probably more significant is that my Coda skills have improved quite a bit since the initial prototype.

It would definitely boost the process if I could work with a client with a well-defined need. If you are interested, I would need to charge, but I would take into account the fact that the project would help the development of Time & Money as a platform. I would be happy to have a discussion to see if it would make sense to move forward together.