Timeline view of non-sequential instances of an event

Hello! Can I show non-sequential dates in the Timeline view?

I have a list of symptoms and want to see the trends over long periods of time.

Currently, it looks to split up the tags I made (which live in their own table)

Maybe I need to combine all the dates first, but Timeline doesn’t only accepts one date range per item. Maybe there’s a non-Timeline route…?


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Hi @Natasha and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

Sadly, I don’t think this is feasible as the “Timeline” view is actually more a Gantt Chart than a timeline.

It is meant (IMHO) to create a visualisation of the progression of a “timed process” (e.g.: a project) from a start (the first “step”) to an end (the last “step”) and doesn’t really offers the features a classical timeline does (i.e.: being able to create a visualisation of any events… sequential or not, linked or not through dependencies).

Just to illustrate what I mean by “from a start to an end” :innocent:

[Source : Gantt chart - Wikipedia]

I still tried though :innocent: … but the closest I could get is this :

Which I got by grouping the Symptoms column (in the [View of Timeline Table]) and by adding a Description column to uniquely name the event (which I set it as my display column) in the [Timeline Table]

This is very thoughtful - thank you for such a thorough reply and warm welcome!

I’ll give this a try!

Hm, and maybe also something like this as as another idea :thinking:

Thanks again and Happy New year!

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This is a very very good approach, and reminds me of some rather cool things @Paul_Danyliuk has done in janking together an alternative calendar approach to codas (which is in HUGE need of an overhaul)
Indeed, you’re approach might just solve a big issue for me - that I’ll share one day soon if it works…though with my glacial speeds for making coda docs it could be quite some time before I get to it… it involves resource (studio + staff) booking for projects…

Hey @Natasha, welcome to the Community!

The default Timeline chart is pretty limited. I like the table approach from your last message. I did something similar once. You can achieve this with a table where you’ll have one row per date per type of pain and then group by pain on the left, date in the top. You’ll have to either ensure that new rows are generated daily (for new dates) or that you have dynamic dates, e.g. 30 rows per pain whose dates calculate as a sequence of Today() - Days(29) to Today()

There’s also an entirely different approach involving custom graphics like here:

Or you could use Rectangle()s and maybe combine them with the table approach, e.g. one column per week (for labels) but rectangles would have those 7 sections that’d be either gray or black

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