To the Power Makers!

I know this is a seldom used category, but I thought it was best for this post…

I have been getting more active as part of a self-teaching I am undertaking of Coda. As I’ve mentioned in numerous other posts, I am a non-developer eager to solve my small tech/internet start-up’s needs in a management tool with Coda. I am on again, off again, in my adoption of Coda.

In the last few months as I’ve posted around here and tried to learn, it’s become clear to me that there is an Elite group of Makers. I am thoroughly impressed by this group’s:

  • technical skills
  • willingness to help others in the community
  • cordial means of communicating with each other, particularly when disagreeing
  • passion for Coda
  • desire for Coda to continue to evolve into the best app it can be
  • and probably most importantly, gifted Coda Makers

As I continue to interact with you guys in the community, yesterday during a post I just kind of typed “Power Maker” as way to address this group. I thought that was catchy, and it also made me think more about you guys and your particular role in this Coda ecosystem.

So I thought I’d create a post pointing out my this sentiment. I hope nobody takes offense to the moniker “Power,” but I really think it’s appropriate.

And I wanted to shout out to the members of the community I’ve personally interacted with and who have impressed me as Power Makers. I know this is just a few of the Power Makers out there, and I don’t mean to be leaving anybody out, but I really wanted to show gratitude for benefit I’ve gotten so far from these special members of this community. I also I hope somebody likes the idea of this post, and will add in some others I haven’t had the pleasure of talking to yet:

In no particular order:


I apologize if this seems to be singling out some users and might be stepping on the toes of those I don’t know, but really just wanted to acknowledge you all.

Thanks everybody!


You’re welcome! :heart:
I’m sorry I’m not so much involved those days. Much to do.


Great post! Thank you for your kind comments.

To be clear, I am probably not a gifted Coda Maker but I do consider myself a Coda Maker who is gifted. :wink: I’m LOL’ing loudly now which is how old people describe things without emojis up here on the interwebs.


thanks so much for the credit and the inspiring post.

I’m not sure I should be put in the same wall of such long term champions, but - in case - you also must be part of it!

Thank you!


Well @Federico_Stefanato you just gave me a great solution over here!:

Column value pulling from multiple lookup rows?

that shows a lot of prowess! Will be looking at it shortly, thanks for the help and you definitely have some sharp skills from my humble point of view!


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Hey @tomavatars, good to hear from you! When you do come around, I’ve always found it very insightful!

Best of luck to you on your projects!

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Glad you appreciated this, @Bill_French!

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Very thoughtful post, @ABp!
I suspect each Discourse forum user will develop their own online heros, largely influenced by which Power Makers are active in the weeks on each side of the ramp-up in reading time. [my Oct '19 list]

IMO excellence needs recognition or else it finds it elsewhere

For example
Did you know that @Saul_Garcia donated 1 hour for the greater good?

There are countless examples in this community :point_up_2:


Thank you for the shout-out @ABp :slight_smile:

There’s a few of us named Community Champions already. But Power Makers kinda sounds more catchy :wink:



Guys you do not disappoint!

@jeo we have not interacted much, but I really appreciated the support you gave me here:

"Assigned" comments, more structure around resolving

Your posts around other members in the forum are masterpieces, thanks for that acknowledgements of the others I haven’t had the pleasure of interacting with yet! Agree 100% that my experience is limited to when I’m posting, and what are the areas of interest to me. I have just been overwhelmed as I get more active in the forum at the abilities of a bunch of you in here, and I wanted to acknowledge what I’ve personally experienced! I think it bodes very well for Coda that is has attracted such Power Makers as evangelists. I’m sure this group would not put in the investment of time in just “any” tool.

And @Paul_Danyliuk thank you, as usual super creative!

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