Today's Coda announcement re LOOKUP CHIPS -huh?

I dont understand what this means and it concerns me.
We depend on lookup columns to carry their color formatting from the original table!

This is how we color-code so many things in our docs.

Will this behavior change?

And what does “optimized for visibility” mean ???

Here is the text from the announcement mail…

Small things considered.

  • :art: Shake up your true colors : Lookup chips won’t automatically carry their conditional formatting to new tables. Instead, they’ll now be optimized for visibility.
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Previously, lookup chips had translucent blue background (unless specified with conditional format). Now they don’t have that but use contrasting outline instead.

E.g. here’s the lookup chip before (both tables have the same conditional formatting background colors):


Also, previously conditional formatting of chips would have merged formatting of both the source and destination tables. Now chips don’t obey destination table formatting at all. E.g. previously these chips would have red text in them because the row they are used in is colored red:

Found an old video of the same doc (the colors were different). This is how it used to be:

This is how it would be now (see how red text is not applied onto the chips):


@Paul_Danyliuk, thank you very much for that very clear and detailed explanation.
You have put my mind at rest.

The text in the announcement mail was not very clear - so I feared the worst.