Toggle Button with Table: Does it need a separate column to save the state in?

Is there a way to do a toggle button that doesn’t use extra columns? I want to make a simple meeting attendance table. Have a number of columns for each person (personA, personB, personC). Then a button for each person that toggle from ‘present’ to ‘absent’


I have a similar question, I have a table of participants of a training course where each training session attendance would be tracked in a separate column (Session 1, Session 2, etc) and a section where I would pick a session from a control and would see session specific info. I would like to create a button that would track present/absent on each participant based on the selected session.

@Senthil_Seveelavananan & @Luis_Retana an example would help understand what you’re looking to do, but here’s something that has worked for me.

Create a user table [_users], and have a column for each user’s attendance [Attendance], true or false checkbox.

Then create a formula ‘user’ that maps to the logged in user:

Then have a button which can toggle the attribute for the logged in user:

ModifyRows( User, _users.[Attendance], User.[Attendance].Not() )

You can even get fancy and have the button’s label be dynamic:
If( User.[Attendance], "Attending", "Absent" )

Good luck!

Thanks @Johg_Ananda, this is an example of what I’m trying to do…I would like that when I select the control for the session, program the button to add present session’s column. I would also create the mark absent column in the same way.

@Luis_Retana try using switch() for each ‘session’ case, switching between the column to update.

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Got it, thank you!!!

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