Transparent png image files convert into images with a black background (not the rendering itself)

When adding a transparent png image file into a file or image column or even into the canvas, in many cases the file is converted into black, loosing the transparency. When the png file is downloaded, it is not transparent any more. In our use case, we have built a marketing repository. We need to upload transparent png image files and need to be able to download the transparent png file.
See example here: Issue transparent png

Has anybody experienced the same issue? Is there a solution to avoid this?

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I haven’t really noticed that but I have noticed the black background behind pictures when the picture isn’t large enough. I find it annoying.

I’m betting the two issues are related.


Running into the same issue. Current fix is forcing an additional step before an upload and creating a white background. It’s not efficient.

Looking for a solution


Update by @Dan_Demers:

We don’t have any workaround or solution yet. For now, importing images > 4k in any dimension is not supported. We will share an update once one is available. Thank you!

For now, I’ve gone and moved this into our Suggestion Box area.

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