Does the image column change the file format? When?

Hi everyone,

I’d built a little tool for our team using @Paul_Danyliuk 's great Edit Images pack, which takes a .png logo and turns it to a charcoal colour which matches our brand colour palette, so that other teammates can use our clients logos in presentations in the right colours without needing to use photoshop.

It’s worked well so far, but we’ve recently realised that some images seem to have their format changed after a while (that did initially work) which means they lose their transparency, which in turn means the recoloured logo just becomes a straight up grey box.

e.g. at first it looks like this

but now a lot (not all) look like this

Does anyone know what might be triggering a format change to be breaking this?


Hey @Matt_Diffey1, sorry for the late reply and welcome to the Community if you’re new and not just signing in from a different email :wink:

Not sure what the change could be because I’m not actively developing the pack these days. But I happened to use it today to convert SVG to PNG and also noticed that it didn’t automatically apply the 32-bit encoding variant of PNG and flattened the picture onto a white solid background.

There is no Format() function in the pack, but since all it does is manipulate the image URL, you can add it yourself. Just take the resulting image link (e.g. use .AsImageLink()) and .Concatenate("&fm=png32").Image() onto the result. This will force the output to be transparent PNG.

Maybe not the output, but at some point you might need to apply that parameter.

If this doesn’t help, DM or email me, and I’ll try to help you in a quick 5 min zoom session.


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