Trello import is unwieldy and lossy

Selection of board(s) to import

We have 100s of Trello boards. The import dialog allows only one at a time to be selected, and it requires scrolling through all boards (not grouped by team) in a tiny window.

The import should be multi-select, should filter, and should group based on team.

Trello checklists aren’t imported as part of their cards

Import results in several 100 cards in one table, and another table with 100s of checklist items grouped under one Card. Also, many cards have, for example, a Shared checklist, but the import groups all items in any Shared checklist together.

Import is lossy

All our Trello cards are crosslinked (parent/child relationships, previous work done, cross-board links, links to references, etc).

I see imported cards have a hidden “ID” column. They should also have a hidden “Trello ID” column so that it is possible to reconstruct inter-card links.