Triggering Desktop Automation from Coda?

A user in our company currently uses Excel spreadsheets to track the running of various programs that must be run in a particular sequence within SAS, which runs on her desktop PC. The programs are run in batch mode, so can be triggered from the desktop.

If we convert these spreadsheets to Coda, is there any way we could trigger the running of these SAS programs on her local PC – for example, with a button from within the spreadsheet?

I’m presuming the best tool for initiating the sort of desktop actions we’re aiming for would be Microsoft’s Power Automate Desktop, which – I’m totally guessing here – might have some hooks to Power Automate (non-desktop, and therefore maybe accessible from some sort of online interface?).

So . . . is there any way to connect Coda to Power Automate Desktop (Or Power Automate)?

Or if not, is there a better tool we could use to trigger the running of basic desktop actions or automation (really, executing .BAT files is most of what we need) from Coda?

Thanks for any guidance!

Hey! Thanks for reaching out to the community. You might be able to set up a pack that can do this. For guidance building out the pack, I’d recommend starting with this documentation and reaching out in the developer’s central for any further help :smile:

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