Trying to connect several separate to-do lists to a global to-do list

So, I’ve kind of started on this entire Coda trip today and so far I’m fascinated by the amount of possibilities given.

I’ve currently got a few days off so thought I could quickly setup a workspace to present to the rest of my team and tried to get a global to-do list working, that is connected with several others.

The concept itself is simple:
Each team member has their own to-do list, and all tasks + progress go right into a global one for both project and team manager to keep an eye on.

The only issue I’m having is the automation.
I get to the point of it giving me the right row output, but as soon as I add another task at the member to-do list it just adds the task to the already existing row in the global list.

I’m using this setup:

When I’m simply using the “Add Row” function then it sometimes works, but 99% of the time just copy pastes the same row several times in a row, even tho only one was added.

I really hope I made it somewhat understandable and that y’all can help me out here ^^’

Thanks a huge lot in advance!

I would very strongly recommend to start with a single table, and then filter different views for the different colleagues.

Berry strongly…

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I second Piet!

You will want to create one master task list, then have a column on that task list that designates the owner of that task

You could do that using the createdBy() formula on a column

Then create one VIEW of that master table on a new page and filter it to where user()=createdBy

That will show each person ONLY their tasks. Super scalable, no fancy automation or work needed

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Sounds a bit more doable yeah. I’ll give it a shot, thanks!

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