Two-Way Sync Pack Roadmap?

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What great updates by Coda and the community!

I’m curious, is there a roadmap for which packs will ultimately have (or is being considered for) two-way sync? For example, can’t afford Enterprise yet and therefore don’t have access to Salesforce or HubSpot. I’m curious if something like Copper is on the roadmap? @Nick_HE

Great work everyone!


Your question is quite specific, but in case you haven’t seen it, here is a generic road map share earlier today.


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The Copper pack is not maintained by Coda but an independent developer. I would contact them and ask. You can find their info on the pack page.

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Hi @David_Payne2 - While we did launch the two-way sync feature today, it does need to be enabled on each individual Pack. Doing so requires a bit of design and coding, and we haven’t gotten around to every Coda-made Pack yet. And as @Nick_McCartney1 pointed out, Packs made by the community will need to be updated by their respective makers (I assume you already knew that, since you CC’ed @Nick_HE).

We don’t have a roadmap for when other Coda-made Packs will have two-way sync enabled, and it doesn’t make sense for every Pack (you can’t the weather in the Weather Pack, etc). If you or others have Packs you would like us to prioritize, let us know!

For any Pack makers out there looking to add two-way sync to their Packs, you can learn more about the process here:


Yep it’s in progress for Copper! I don’t have an exact ETA, but do you have any priority fields that you’d want me to focus on adding 2-way sync for first?


That’s great news! No priority fields to mention at this time.

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