UI issue -- don't scroll the table after I enter something

I’ve got a document with some very long tables (much taller than my screen height.) If I go to a row to check details, or change data, after I enter the data (or close out of a “details” box), the column re-sorts and scrolls to some new position. The re-sorting I get, but it’s exceedingly annoying when the table scrolls itself on my screen, and now I’ve lost my place. Frequently I’m entering data in a bunch of adjacent rows. I’d really like the table to just stay the heck where it was when I started touching it.


I have these issues across the board. The term I use to describe it is “jumpy.” It’s systemic to the entire UX.

Agree. Would be nice if the human operator made all movement decisions, rather than the app. When to move, where to move, why to move, how much to move, etc. It’s very disorienting when the app keeps jumping around on its own. It wears out my brain. :brain:

Here are some examples I’ve managed to document:

  • Clicking off of (away from) a table often jumps the screen to the top of that table. (Which is tedious when you were working 500 rows down in that table.)

  • There’s also something that causes the screen to jump all the way to the top of a section. I haven’t been able to isolate when that occurs, but it occurs frequently.

  • Yesterday I started having an issue with a moderately large View. When scrolling to the right, there are two points at which the screen jumps vertically in one direction. When scrolling back to the left, at those same two points, it jumps vertically in the opposite direction.

  • Also yesterday I had an issue where I un-hid a column, the column appeared all the way out to the right of the table, and I went to drag that column way back to the left into its original position, during which something kept causing the screen to jump all the way up into a different table much further up the section. Ultimately, I was UNABLE to drag the column to its new position. I had to use Alt + arrow to get the job done.

  • There have been other smaller instances of this type thing, but I haven’t documented every single one.

  • Related: It would be nice upon returning to a section or after a screen refresh, if the horizontal position was able to hold still, rather than forcing the user to have to go hunt down where they last were located horizontally. (Other competing apps also have this issue.)

Hope this helps! :crazy_face: