UI / UX when scrolling through very large tables

When the user has a table with many rows, or many columns which requires scrolling vertically or horizontally, access to the table options becomes problematic as they have to scroll to the very top of the table, or pan to the very far right to reach the table options (the top menu for the table).

The vertical scrolling issue might be solved if the options menu was ‘sticky’ at the top of the scroll pane.
The horizontal scrolling issue might be solved by places the options menu at the left hand side (close to the first column) rather than the far right (last column) - but the perfect solution would be for the options menu to be reachable no matter where in the table the user in currently viewing.


Agreed. Maybe even add it to the right click menu? We have options for the cell, the row, and the column. I’m not sure if there’d be any drawbacks to adding “Show table options” on right click in the table.