Scroll Bars for Tables

Would it be possible to elect a maximum number of visible rows in a table and then have scroll bars to view a table with more than that number of rows?

This would help tremendously in the design and usability of documents with a large underlying database.


Hi @Richard_Kaplan, thanks for the suggestion! We’ve thought about some improvements here.

Interested in your use case - do you have content below the table that you want quicker access to? If so, would love to understand how you’re mixing tables with other content/tables in the same section.

Or, is your need to jump past the table, but just an improved experience within the table?


Hi Nathan - I would like to be able to add content below the table. That content would include additional tables as well as text commentary. Also some of the tables are just so long it makes the document unworkable without scrollbars, i.e. one of the tables has 30,000 rows and that is a bit daunting to readers if it is all presented simultaneously.

If you give me an email I would be glad to share the document with you.

Thanks @Richard_Kaplan. Took a look at the example you sent, completely understand the issue and what you’re looking for.

Not exactly what you need, but you’ll find that we do display cards within a scrollable container on the canvas. If some of your data would be suitable to display in a card view, this may help achieve your scenario until we’re able to support this for tables as well.


Thank you @nathan - I appreciate your consideration of scroll bars for tables in a future release.

Your suggestion regarding cards is interesting as an interim workaround. There are indeed some cases where cards may be preferable as a display format. I gave it a try and have observed the following:

(1) For large tables with tens of thousands of entries (as you saw in my sample data), the table may be slow to update but does work. If I create a card view however, the card view does not work at all, no matter how long I wait . When I try to display a large card view, the document freezes and I need to close the tab and reload the whole document.

(2) Would it be possible for a card to display a live hyperlink which opens a new tab when selected? This is possible with a table view, but with cards a hyperlink always opens the card, where the URL must then be selected again.

(3) There is no equivalent of Wrap Text for a card, so long titles are cut off and not always readable

(4) For both cards and tables, would it be possible for the reader to adjust the height of the View similar to the way wndows can be enlarged or shrunken on a Windows or MacOS app?



Thanks @Richard_Kaplan - have noted your feedback on cards, very helpful to get the details of specific issues you’re hitting.


I completely agree with @Richard_Kaplan 4 statements about cards. Please @nathan refer to my Card view tweaks topic.
All those feature request are very important to make a good card view experience.

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Any updates on this since it is necessary to add related tables for a record