Vertical Scroll Bar for long tables/boards


I am pretty new to Coda and absolutely loving it so far. One thing I can’t quite figure out how to handle though is long tables.

For example I have a page that has a list of clients/leads that is quite long, and will only get longer. Underneath that I have a board with open/in progress/completed tasks. But currently the client list is getting too long so it is annoying to scroll all the way down to be able to see the tasks I have to work on (especially on mobile). Wondering if there is a way to add a vertical scroll bar to tables that are longer than x rows. Or any other solutions that might even be better.

Thanks for the thoughts!

hi @Brenden_Gerber ,

I see two options:

  • collapse the table (via 3 dots before left part table)
  • create a controller below the table (a button) and use a button on top of the table to go to the lower button and vice versa. You do thiis using the formula


I hope it helps, cheers, Christiaan