Unable to prepopulate the column value using AI although proper formula is being set for that column


I have one table with static values defined. The second table is referring to the value of first table in column # 1 and column # 2 is AI generated field. it generates values based on value present in column # 1. It works well in manual mode when you try to click on fill button.

However same event should be continued if I add new row in the second table. New row automatically takes value from table #1 but in the last column, it is not automatically populating the value using AI. If I click on fill button in popup then it works.

Anyone knows how to work on this use case?

Thank you for your help.

Hey there, any chance you could share some screenshots of your set up so we can see how you have things arranged?

The issue is resolved by creating separate view. We were directly referring the original table rather than separate view.

What did you mean by 'creating separate view?" I realized I created a very similar topic.

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