Up for a Fireworks challenge? 🎆

What a fun challenge! Here’s my contribution :partying_face:



I don’t feel particularly original but it’s a way ahah :slight_smile:



Doc can be found here, for curious makers:


The trick is to split a gif in frames, load them into a single cell and then recover them using a sequential .nth() :slight_smile:
If the button is pressed on pc it’s so fast you cannot appreciate it, but if you press the button on a mobile it’s so slow that you can actually manage such an effect ahahaha :slight_smile:

I think we all love to find new and tricky solutions so i decided to post this :slight_smile:

P.s. end result is 4x!


Why not just include the gif? :slight_smile:

P.S. Ah, you wanted to launch it with a button probably :slight_smile:

This gif always gets me!

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eeeeeeeee i know but i wanted to over engineer this one ahahah :joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


As @Paul_Danyliuk kindly encouraged me to take my initial firework design a step further :smile:, here’s the result :fireworks:

The doc would be this one :point_right: 4th of July Challenge (for the curious), specifically, this page :point_right: here :blush:

Firework in Coda (v2)

A few notes though :innocent:

  • It definitively works better in Dark Mode (:sweat_smile:)
  • I’ve been made aware that the Braille characters used to create Coda’s logo might not work on every platforms (:pensive:)…
    So, if something looks a bit off (sorry :pensive:), the original firework is also available in the doc (:point_right: here)
  • This put the hidden formula ._Delay() to good use :innocent:
    (instead of relying on Now() as I previously did… Thank you @Paul_Danyliuk for the suggestion :raised_hands: )

And I think that’s it :smile: !

Thank you so very much Dear Codans for this challenge :raised_hands: !
It was a bit time consuming but totally worth it as I had quite a lot of fun working one this :grin: !!!

And a special thanks to @Paul_Danyliuk again :raised_hands: … for everything :tophat: … the support, the feedback :grin: … absolutely everything !!!

Edit: Happy 4th of July :sparkler: !!!


Wow, so many great examples! I love that we have a combo of buttons, charts, canvas, and even AI-created options.

Just a reminder that you have until 11:59PM Pacific today to submit!


Ahah i dont think there is any suspense left :sweat_smile: congrats !

There are multiple winners :slight_smile:

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Here’s my Kellogg’s Rice-Krispies-cereal-inspired firework display. Get a unique experience with every click. It’s a blast ; )



Never done before, but last-minute entry


This is awesome!

Actually I have a lot of fun observing. So many creative approaches! Love the dot chart too, and that mindblown.gif always gets me when I see it :joy:

Mine is definitely on the low effort side :sweat_smile: (and I don’t mind)

Happy 4th of July! :fireworks:

P.S. Oh, @Pch and you’re too kind! I just said yours had the coolest aesthetic to me. Loved all the star characters you used and how smooth it already looked in the 1st revision. And now it’s just :exploding_head: I wouldn’t have done it better myself.

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It was SO tough to select a few winners… so, I thought maybe I won’t. :slight_smile: I want to send each person who submitted an entry a Coda swag pack! Shoot me a DM and I’ll get one out to you by the end of the week.

Oh, and if you’d like to see a few I featured in social, check them out here and give the tweet some love:


@Brian_Klein still does it wrong for me - I just created a new table today (10th July) and the date column enters today’s date as 7/10/2023 (7th October to most of the world).

As mentioned in the post I linked to we just want to be able to set the default format. And while your example works for other Coda tables to ‘translate’ the date, entering data from another source such as Excel or Google Sheets really confuses Coda and makes it untrustworthy as to the accuracy of the date information.

So as mentioned in the linked post, the ability to set the default date format is something we’ve been asking for for over 3 years and would make life a lot easier. Thanks!

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