Update an existing note by clicking on the button

I having a request from my team which is by clicking on the button, they can update the existing note.

Have anyone know how to do it or anyway to work arround?

Hi @Mira1001 and welcome to the Coda Community!

Do you want to update each row in the table or each row individually by clicking the button? Please describe your desired output in more detail.

Additionally, I would ask you to share your doc or create a demo doc and share it.

It will be much easier for me and others to help you if you share your document with us. We can take a look at the formulas and everyone can make a copy of the document so we don’t get in each other’s way.

Please follow this guide to share your doc with us:


Thank you so much Jannis
By the time I read your comment, I alread had found a solution for my question.
I hyperlink to the note page that I would like to update and everything work as expected.


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