Cannot automatically convert Today()

Button that adds new row,
new row is set to have Today()
It works after doubleclick.

Coda New Row

Weird stuff going on! I might have an idea but would need to see the doc to help out? Any chance you can share a copy?

Hi, Scott,

Thanks for your quickly response. I don’t know how’s the procedure in sharing here(coda community). An embed? link? Public or PM? Because I don’t know how much access it offers and it is needed.

You can do whatever!

Gold standard is to embed a dummy doc in the community with non-sensitive data. Second best would be to just make a copy of your original doc so no one has access to and could mess up your original and then share the link here (make sure that its set so that anyone with link can edit)

In the sharing dialogue you can set the link so that anyone who has access can view, then head to the embed tab and copy the embed code with play-mode enabled:

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I am on the free plan so maybe that’s why I don’t have that many options on sharing. I hope it’s ok.

Hey @Alexandru_Dan - Sorry about that. I’d recommend you write into our Support team for further help on this: It’s likely that we’ll need to troubleshoot to see why the mentioned button gets stuck but works after a second click.

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