Update / refresh inline formulas based on control change or button press

I’m working on making a wizard interface where folks can toggle some controls, add some color selections, and be given a block of CSS to customize their system for a different platform. I had been planning to use inline formulas to display the contents of a cell from a table based on the row currently selected in a select control on page.
It works, but only shows the content ad of page load. If you change the select control it should update since it is a different row, but it only does that on a page refresh.
Anyone have a good way to either force a section/page refresh or have the inline content update on a controller change?

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Hey Brian! What an awesome idea! Is it possible for you to share your doc with us here so we can take a closer look at your setup? It’ll be easier to make suggestions once we can see what you’ve already got going on :smiley: Thanks! We’ll stay tuned!

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